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new glasses

The length of time I’ll be here is still indeterminate but is looking longish. That being so I’ve decided I have to just live my life wherever I am, not wait until I get home to tend to stuff. I … Continue reading

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how many boats is too many?

I’m tempted to send the Mommy sock to my friend to go with the Baby sock for her daughter. Only one problem: there’s another daughter (not to mention two sons). I think I can send just one pair of socks … Continue reading

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One other advantage to picking up my car at the hotel instead of the rental agency desk at the airport: they gave me one with a manual transmission. I think if they realize you’re American, they try to give you … Continue reading

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yet another continent

Let’s see… Saturday night Rudder and I had dinner at Ruth’s Chris, because we weren’t expecting to be together on my birthday (more on that later). We had the same server as last time (which was in December), who is … Continue reading

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packing decisions again

Since I leave Sunday for an extended stay in the Netherlands, I’ve been thinking all week about how to pack for a month or more in just 25 kilos. If anything, the clothes are a less difficult challenge than the … Continue reading

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this just sort of coalesced

Identities: Me I am moonlight, not sunlight; Winter, not summer. Museums, not stadiums, nightclubs or tours. Going, not staying, Bluestocking, not romantic, Books, not video; Credit for trying, not for attitude Water, a little air and fire, Hardly any Earth. … Continue reading

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sat on the living room couch like bookends

I said earlier that I just don’t often get to have great conversations with people I know in “real life” because either the people I encounter don’t share too many of my interests or else we just don’t have time … Continue reading

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mistaken epiphany

Apparently mild hypoxia is good for my brain. Yesterday I went swimming in the pool at work while Ted had a late meeting. I managed a whole ten laps, but only by taking a break after each one. I feel … Continue reading

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more metablogging

By the way, I do apologize for all the double notifications about updates here. They happen because more often than not it’s only after I post that I notice a misspelling or a link I forgot to add, and then … Continue reading

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meet me in Asheville

One of the great privileges of our US trip was getting to spend time with old friends, including one I hadn’t met yet. I will confess that I was a little curious how Rudder and Melissa would get along since … Continue reading

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