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banking tribulations

I’ve said it before: the Dutch banking system is not the shining jewel of the nation. Or at least, not the PINpas (bankcard) portion of it. Rudder and I both had our bankcards replaced several times in the one year … Continue reading

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It’s not that I haven’t been writing lately, just that it’s been over on the other site. It’s been snowing or sleeting now and then since late last week, but without any accumulation – it’s been wet snow and the … Continue reading

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the Railway is rerouted for today

I had written these yesterday for my Spoon River Railway project, but not quite finished. I went to post them there, but realized the LJ Content Strike has started. I hadn’t decided unti now whether I was going to participate, … Continue reading

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links, opinions, and comparative climbing

I’m pleased to note that the Match It for Pratchett website has now made it easier to donate to Alzheimer’s research. Via their tip jar, you can donate via Paypal, which allows you to give without entering lots of information … Continue reading

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separate cars: a Good Thing

I seem to be putting on weight (I mean, in terms of visible fat: I don’t care much about pounds) but my jeans are quite loose. I suspect this just means they’ve been worn too many times between washings. Not … Continue reading

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riding down the river

The following was first posted on Avontuur. I’ve thought better about crossposting stuff here from LiveJournal: a lot of what I post there is vey brief, or memes floating around LJ, or aimed at the particular community there. It turns … Continue reading

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Well, thank goodness *that’s* done

Stringing pearls is incredibly tedious. And what’s worse than stringing pearls? Stringing pearls in a hotel room without any of my beading gear. Specifically, the two pair of needlenose pliers, the beading tray and maybe some foam where I could … Continue reading

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Was I complaining too much last week about spending my evenings alone? Oops. On Monday night, three of the women from my old department took me out for my birthday. (Dutch colleagues, Chinese food, ironically.) On Tuesday night I went … Continue reading

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sort of like a bad hair day

I am having a bad stuff day. This morning I put on a pair of khaki pants. Now: I’d tried to wear these Monday, only to have a button pop off. Not having time to effect repairs, I changed to … Continue reading

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Boat name

I’m going to name the new boat Moonrise 嬋 娟 號 It will be silver, with some navy blue. The first two Chinese characters are taken from a famous poem and mean means “beautiful moon” or “full moon”, because apparently … Continue reading

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