This is a bit silly: below is a picture of all the stuff I accumulated during my trip.]

That includes stuff I bought on the trip as well as stuff waiting for me when I got back here. Missing from photo: one pair jeans (currently in the dryer), two fleece pullovers and some yarn (currently in transit in the box I shipped back here), some vacuum-packing bags (wouldn’t photograph well: they just look like big plastic bags) and some project leadership manuals. It’s not entirely my fault; that big box in the background was our holiday gift from my brother, an automated hydroponic gardening set-up straight out of the Jetsons and a package of “salsa kit” (tomatoes and hot peppers) to go with it. There’s also a necklace and (signed!) book from him, my birthday gift. The manuals are from training I took at work, obviously, and the yarn that I shipped was a belated going-away present from a Dutch friend.

Also, some was needed. The pants (under the flowered PJ pants) were to replace a pair I took that ripped. I did need new glasses, though admittedly not three pair (the third was a freebie). I’d been wanting a watch – I love mine but it’s getting beat up. I couldn’t find what I wanted in Europe, which was essentially the same thing I have, a Citizen Eco-drive, but the duty-free shop at Bangkok’s airport had them, for less than I’d paid for the original. And sock yarn is more or less a consumable, and I suppose beads are too.

Still, yikes!

Also: photos going up shortly at the travel site, of both the Netherlands and Taiwan.