It occurs to me that I wouldn’t mmuch mind having a spring or summer sweater in every color of Artful Yarn’s Fable. The first sweater I ever made was one of these in the Red Riding Hood colorway of Fable; it would have fit better if I’d understood the concept of negative ease at the time, but I still get a fair bit of wear out of it. Now I’m working on one of these in the Hansel and Gretel colorway. This one will have straight edges; I made one a couple of years ago with the picot edges, coincidentally out of another of Artful’s yarns, Candy. (I’m sensing a trend here.) This time, I’m making the neck higher and the sleeves wider, for more wearability at work. And just to spice it up, I’m experimenting with inserting the cable motif from this sweater, though I’ll rip it out if it looks too heavy or otherwise not good. I’ve never quite gotten over having my favorite gray lightweight wool sweater fall apart after a few years of heavy wear, so I have a feeling that pullover in the specified yarn (which isn’t too hard to find or too pricy) is in my future, anyway.