The news this morning is that Utah Phillips has died, of heart problems. There’s more information here and his own final letter here.

I can’t say “rest in peace, Utah” because from what I know of the man, he’d hate that. I’m pretty sure his comments would also include some variant of “Don’t mourn, organize!” or “Pray for the dead and work like hell for the living.”

I think a party somewhere just got a little more lively. And I think if such things are possibly, Utah will be leaning down, probably with Molly Ivins and a few others to see how things go this November. Remember them when you vote – I think it would please them. Think of Utah Phillips when you’re sharing music or ideals and most especially when you’re doing both.

Ow. Coming back up the stairs from lunch, I started to run, to beat the people who’d taken the elevator. Unfortunately I was too close to the edge and smacked straight into the low overhang some idiot designed in there. OwowOW. Not good for the neck either; I sprang stright up into a flat surfact. I’m pretty sure I heard vertebrae crunching. Also, it’s becoming increasingly evident that the cafeteria is not airconditioned, so now I’m sweaty *and* headachey.

On the plus side, the other person who took the stairs doesn’t seem to have felt it necessary to tell everyone what an idiot I was. My coworkers are kind people.

Discovery of the day, or rather of last night: in the absence of silver polish, you can soak your silver in a container lined with aluminum foil and filled with boiling (or at least very hot) water, 1 tsp salt, and 2 tsp baking soda, and the tarnish will come off. Each piece has to be touching the foil. Google is my friend. I think I will be using this technique on my silver serving pieces as well, since I’d much rather use baking soda on them than whatever chemicals are in silver polish.

Last thing, publicizing projects.
Mine: lots of new stuff up on the .Spoon River Railway project these days. Go read.
And others: The final episode is now unfurling over at what’s being billed as the best show you’ll never see on TV, Shadow Unit. None of the moral issues of 24 Hours (no torturing by the “good” guys), none of the relentless gore of NCIS (or at least you don’t have to look at it), more character development than Babylon 5. Also, no yelling. (I’m getting very tired of the yelling so many shows seem to find necessary.) Just to add to the torture, they’re releasing this episode in sections, all the way through Saturday.