Pattern is Picovoli, cable insert is from Winter ’07 Interweave Knit’s Gathered Pullover style. My previous Picovoli was a bit too short because I ran out of yarn; it was also wider in the neck and narrower in the armstrap than I prefer for work; I managed to address all three issues in this one. I’m also very happy with how well the yarn goes with the skirt in this picture; other than the tank top I bought it with, it’s difficult to wear much other than black or white with that skirt. I’m sorry I couldn’t make this top more fitted; in the Picovoli KAL gallery, there are tons of pictures of very fitted Picovolis that look just fabulous. However, those are on women with waists. Even in my best shape, I don’t particularly have one, and since any extra weight I carry goes straight to the gut having the bottom half of the sweater slightly looser is more flattering on me. Sigh. (Taiwan is full of very slender long-waisted women so I get my face rubbed in this daily. The only redeeming fact is that Rudder thinks they’re all too skinny, not being a fan of the Asian No-Ass look.) Anyway, I’m happy with how this sweater turned out. After looking at some of the photos with flash, though, I will definitely be wearing it over a skin-colored bra, not a red one!