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auction notice

Today’s theme is auctions. There’s a long post on my races yesterday at the expat life blog, including the rowing club’s auction where I bought some old boat parts. And I need to post a heads-up: Bidding starts tomorrow on … Continue reading

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I wonder what my subconscious is trying to say

The other night I had a wonderful dream. I was about to start work on a PhD in Astronomy. I think it was at my undergrad alma mater, or one of the schools near it. I would be working with … Continue reading

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Two bits and a book review (Me and Mr. Darcy, minor spoilers)

Two bits: My boat will be delivered! The very day after I return home! Now I just need to write down the pronunciation of its Chinese name, because I keep forgetting it. Here’s hoping nothing on it’s been broken in … Continue reading

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Arrgh. The mad social whirl is having consequences. Saturday we went to see a regatta outside Amsterdam -Rudder’s rowing partner coaches a girl who was racing there, so we went and hung out with them, spent a bit of time … Continue reading

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a rare political plea

I keep hearing reports that a substantial number of Clinton supporters now plan to vote for McCain. I hope that the news is wrong, or that hurt feelings fade; I keep getting the impression that the difference between Clinton and … Continue reading

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terug naar Nederlands

Back in the Netherlands. I always forget how boring lunch is here – my colleagues all talk in Dutch and don’t bother to translate. The only good point to this is that it really annoys the Taiwanese people visiting, and … Continue reading

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the to-do list

Stuff I hurried to finish today before leaving. (So I could take it with me!) Sock pattern is Waving Laces, from the book Favorite Socks. The yarn is hand-dyed, from Spritely Goods. It was soft and nice to knit with, … Continue reading

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mostly good, except when it’s not

Lots of good news, some bad. Yesterday I went to the dentist – this time to get Stuff done, not just cleaning and checkups. Their recommendation was to replace every filling in my mouth with gold or ceramic inlays. I … Continue reading

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villanelle: Expatriate Life

A fine example of dancing bear poetry. This is not exactly “Do go quietly into that good night”, but I’m quite proud that the bear dances at all; villanelles are hard. Expatriate Life I stand alone, in doubt to act … Continue reading

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das boot

Boat continues to be major source of anxiety; thank all the gods for the coworker (an expert in global shipping and customs) who is helping me with this. She’s asking if they can possibly store it in a warehouse until … Continue reading

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