Back in the Netherlands. I always forget how boring lunch is here – my colleagues all talk in Dutch and don’t bother to translate. The only good point to this is that it really annoys the Taiwanese people visiting, and so when we’re back in Taiwan of course they talk in Chinese over lunch – but they turn to me every few minutes and say “We’re talking about…” or else someone will talk in English, at least part of the time. It was at least nice to recognize all the food, and I think the choices are healthier in the cafeteria here.

The giddy social whirl has started already. Rudder was rowing after work yesterday and so I went go out in a single; after that his rowing partner has invited us to dinner. Today I’ll go out in a double and he may take a single. We already have conflicting invitations for this weekend, as well. It’s a bit overwhelming after Taiwan, where we have so little social life!

Today’s rowing may involve lots of hand tape – even though I only rowed about 6km, I’ve got a bunch of blisters. I could definitely feel in m legs and abs I haven’t been in a boat for 6 weeks, even though I have been erging. Oh, well, once I get back and get my own boat hopefully I can get out a little more. Or maybe not, depending on how hot it is.

And as always, it is good to be with Rudder again.