Readerware betrayed me! One of the things I use it for is to export the database onto my PDA so that while I’m in a bookstore I can look and see if I always have a book. This is particularly useful for long series, for instance figuring out whic of the 20+ Discworld books I actually own. That’s about all the PDA version of Readerware is good for, and it’s not ideal even for that: I like the main Readerware program a lot, but the PDA version is pretty spartan. The biggest flaw is that you can *only* search for books by author name, not title or ISBN.

Sunday I was in Page One bookstore and noted a couple of copies of the Peanuts collection, boxed sets of the two volumes covering from 1956-58. This is part of the big collection of ALL Peanuts strips. I looked and it seemed I only had the 1950-56 volumes, so I decided to treat myself to these. Then I got home where as usual I entered the new books in the databse before putting them away. That’s when I realized I do always have these volumes (somewhere in storage). Apparently they’d originally scanned in with the designer listed as Author instead of Charles Schulz, so the books hadn’t showed up when I searched for Schulz’s name. Pout.

Oh well, at least I realized while I still had the receipt. At worst this means I need to pay another visit to my favorite local bookstore. What torture. (I don’t think they had the next volumes in the series, unfortunately.)

Sunday after washing my hair, I decided that the stylist had left the bangs too long – they were wanting to curl in funny directions. So I trimmed them myself. I think I overdid that, but at least they don’t look home-cut. I also think maybe I’d like the rest of the hair a wee bit longer than he cut it after all (my fault: I kept urging super-shortness). But that’s OK: it just means that the hair will look its best 2-3 weeks after the cut instead of looking best right after and then going downhill, and that I can go a little longer between cuts.

Unfortunately I do think the short hair looks better with contacts than with glasses, and I just haven’t been able to wear those consistently, in the last couple of years. Maybe I should try again now, while the air is cleaner (due to Beijing’s Olypic cleanup, I think – people say their pollution blows over the China Straits to us). The hair is also not complimented by my having a facefull of breakouts. I think that might be because I usually wear moisturizer with sunscreen over the weekend and on both Saturday and Sunday I happened to use a heavier one I had sitting around (they’re both Olay products). Maybe I should keep using the tinted moisturizer (Laura Mercier) or face protector (Clinique) I use on the weekdays, all week around.