I said I was going to post duplicates of my writings elsewhere here, didn’t I? Yet the stuff on Avontuur is easy enough to access, for anyone who wants to read it (most recently: complaints about Olympic coverage on Taiwanese TV, accounts of dinner on top of Taipei 101 and of a massage at a local spa). And so much of what I write on LiveJournal is in response to other stuff on LJ, for instance postings that are part of Bittercon (the online con for those would couldn’t attend Worldcon).

Feeling guilty for not writing enough in all your blogs seems as stupid as feeling guilty for not making enough progress on knitting. It sort of contravenes the whole point of a hobby.

Maybe it’s best just to say that if I seem to quiet here for too long you may find me on LJ.

While I’m here, though, this probably is the place to say that I’ve been very good at keeping to my marathon workout plan so far – of course that’s easy when you’re in the less-taxing early weeks. This week is my first challenge; we’ll be going to a beach resort for the weekend, so I won’t be able to do the 13km row I’ve got on the schedule. I did the first row for the week Sunday instead of taking the day off; I rowed 5km yesterday, took today off (after 3 erg pieces in 3 days) and will row 77 km tomorrow and 5 km Thursday. There’s a theory that says I could get up half an hour earlier Friday (5:30 AM, bleah) and do the 13 km before work.