The beach trip was good – not great, but good. The hotel wasn’t the five-star resort it claimed, but I didn’t expect it to be. But it was clean and nice and comfortable, and if the food at the “Mediterranean” buffet owed more to the Pacific coast than the Mediterranean one, still all the seafood and vegetables were gorgeously fresh. There was some trash washing up in the water, but only when the tide was coming in, and they were working hard to clean it off the beach.

We did some ocean kayaking, and hiked in a nearby geopark – fascinating formations, but the sun came out and it got way too hot when we were at the farthest point with lots of stairs to climb. Oops. Mostly it was nice to be able to sleep late, and to let the ocean slosh me around. I just like being in water, whenever.

I did wake up early Friday and erged 13km before work. On Monday we got home early enough for me to erg 5km (and to go out and buy a watch to replace the one I lost when we tipped the kayak while trying to surf). Yesterday Rudder had a work dinner, so even though I’d eaten Mickey D’s for dinner, I erged another 7km before bedtime. This was a tactical move; I was pretty sure Rudder was planning an off day this morning, so my choice was either to wake his ass up for a change, setting the alarm for 6 when he didn’t need to get up early, or to erg at night and be able to sleep until 7. I chose the latter not so much out of good-wifeliness as because it was a chance for me to sleep in too.

(His response when he came in and found me on the erg: “Did you get taken over by aliens or something?” I suppose that’s only one step better than “Who are you and what have you done with my wife??” I told him to take it as proof of how very much I value getting to sleep later. We’d just had an argument about how much I hate it when he sets the alarm for 6 and waits unti it goes off to decide it’s an off day – I never can get back to sleep – so he knew what I meant.)

Anyway, I’ve gotten some payback for all this erging. Yesterday, as mentioned, Rudder was out to dinner, and they’d delivered water to us – 5 five-gallon jugs left outside the apartment door. It turns out I can carry two of those at a time now – not far, because the awkward grip with one bottle neck in each hand is a limiting factor, but the legs were no issue. I even hefted one overhead just to see if I could, though with no spotter present I stopped well short of lockout. Rawr.