We went back to right near last week’s beach hotel this past Saturday for paragliding. The plan was to see if we could start training to do it on our own. They have too many students for that and told us to come back next month, but we were able to take tandem flights (me, Rudder, and a German guy from work – his wife was there but ambivalent about trying it herself). They were cheap, too, only about US$30. I enjoyed the flight but I have to confess I feel far from ready to try it on my own. I kept finding myself with a deathgrip on the straps and having to uncurl my fingers – then I realized I wasn’t gripping the straps but the carabiners connecting me to the canopy and that they weren’t locking ‘biners (or were a kind I’m not familiar with). Either way, grabbing those is Not Smart. After that I kept my hands above them, firmly and harmlessly on the straps.

Afterwards we went swimming in the ocean to cool off, so I got to be submerged again. Then our German friends went home to eat and nap, while Rudder and I erged and went to Costco. I guess the exercise pays off, but it’s not much of a payoff when all you get is energy to do more exercise. We were hoping to row on the water Sunday, but the weather didn’t cooperate. In theory we have a race this weekend, but we still don’t have any info about it.

I am now into the second cycle of my training plan. Somewhere in the next few weeks, I have my first longer piece on a weekday (over the training those range (~11-18) which will mean I need to get up half and hour to eventually an hour earlier those days. Bleah. At least it’s only once a week for a few months. I have no idea what I’ll do after the marathon training is over, but I have until March to figure that out.

Last night we acquired another distraction: Guitar Hero III, for the Mac. I like a lot of things about it: the user interface is fairly brilliant, carrying a lot of information intuitively with some fairly simple graphics. And I like the way they handle the issue of making sure you don’t let all your friends bootleg your copy: you can install it on however many computers you want, but can only play when the DVD is inserted. That’s perfect for a multicomputer household like ours: Rudder’s big screen and better sound are much better to play on, but he’s in front of it a lot of the time and at those times I’d want to play on my laptop – and I can. The only thing that bothers me is that feeling that for not much more money I could have gotten a decent cheap guitar, and that I should be practicing that rather than playiing this game.