As much as For Better or For Worse has been annoying me lately, today’s strip is really powerful – it’s the communion between a bride at the beginning of a joyful marriage (so Johnston tells us) and an old women who may be at the end of one that gets me.

I did a bad thing at work today – listened on headphones to obama’s speech and a ton of others from the Democratic convention, via CNN. As it turned out, I was extremely productive while doing so. Apparently it was just distracting enough to keep me from getting too bored and going off and doing something other than the documentation I needed to do, but it wasn’t something that pulled me away from said documentation. Possibly I need to start bringing my iPod to work, or maybe just listening to internet radio. Though once when I tried that I couldn’t get WUMB from here – I wonder if Pandora works outside the US? I need to get better headphone, though; the standard in-ear ones are very painful for me after a little while. Apparently I have extra-small ear canals.

Speaking of things iPods help with, next week I will need to start getting up extra early one day a week or else going in later, depending on Rudder’s schedule. The next couple of weeks have 11km mid-week erg pieces. I’ll only need an extra 15 minutes or so, so it won’t be too painful. (Aside, obvously, from the erging 11km part.) Tomorrow I need to do 12km, but it’s much less unpleasant later in the day than it is right when I wake up, somehow. (No, I don’t have time to erg after work, usually.) I notice that She-Hulk has caught up and passed me again on our club distance rankings; my guess is that she’s feeling a bit competitive too. Meanwhile, we’re sweeping up the club list for distance, catching up with lots of people, so that’s good.