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No matter what happens next, I’m thrilled that this is the year that of those who have been the foremost contenders for the top two offices in the US, two are women and one is of mixed race. It’s even more important that their actual positions are being discussed. I don’t even remember what Ferraro stood for, other than that she was generally liberal, and that’s not only because I wasn’t quite of voting age in 1984. So despite disagreeing with her on literally every issue I’ve read her position on, I’m actually very happy that Palin is on the ticket. I was never going to vote for McCain anyway, but I love seeing that women have reached a point of power in America such that he needed one on his ticket. Given that he also needed a hyperconservative, I thnk she’s a somewhat sensible choice. (This is also a factor that makes me even less likely to vote for him – choosing, say, Kay Bailey Hutchison or Olympia Snowe might have wooed me back to believing that he really was a maverick and a centrist. Clearly not.)

I don’t even care that he chose her to serve his own ends and not out of a deep-seated belief that he needed to work harder on the issues that change women’s lives. After all, Wyoming didn’t grant women the vote in 18-hundred-whatever out of a belief in our common humanity but because they needed more voters in order to achieve statehood. Yet it still helped in the fight for women’s suffrage at the federal level. If McCain saw the need for a woman on his ticket, that speaks to me of a significant change in the balance of power in America, and that makes me very happy. I happen to think this particular woman would be a horrible choice for VP and even more for sitting “a heartbeat from the Presidency” – and I will express that opinion by not voting for her.

Other political bits: Best comment on Obama’s race to date – even if that wasn’t specifically what the author intended.

I wonder if those wingnut fundies who claimed that Hurricane Katrina was God’s retribution for “immporality” in New Orleans are regretting their diatribes now – or if they have followed their special brand of reasoning to its logical conclusion and concluded that Hurrican Gustav is God’s way of saying that he doesn’t want another Republican in the White House.

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  1. mary says:

    Actually, Michael Moore said that Gustav is proof that there is a God.


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