more self-abuse

My hands hurt – a spasm of pain in the backs of them that comes and goes, and makes typing difficult when it comes. My legs are *not* hurting but only because I’m sitting down. At least when I walk they don’t hurt as badly as they did yesterday. On Monday I went to the work gym and did my best to get a weightlifting workout there. They have dumbbells and a couple of benches, plus frames to do leg raises or back extensions or inclined crunches, but no barbells or squat cages. So for my legs I did lunges, holding light weights by my side, and some jumpies (a rowing exercise where you jump up from a deep squat – as long as I go down into the squat slowly and carefully, jumping up doesn’t seem to hurt my knees). For some reason, lunges with even the tiniest weights make me far more sort than squats with 90 lbs on my shoulders.

On the other hand, if you want to feel really buff, just go to a gym in Taiwan. I was in the weight area with several of my coworkers and I was benching more than the boys – and I don’t have a very impressive benchpress. I feel sure they could lift more than I do, but even the guys here don’t want to get too big.

Last night we went out for dinner with a vendor; the good dinner and the red wine didn’t really help my performance on the erg this morning, but I did the workout I’d planned (which was supposed to be Friday’s row, but I switched it to this morning to have a harder row between two easier short ones, since I’d switched the original even longer Tuesday row to Sunday. Despite that, I think I will go to the gym again at lunch. We’ll see if it works better, going on Monday after a morning off but before a Tuesday erg workout, or going today after a morning row but before tomorrow’s off day. I may not do any lunges, though!

I’m a bit concerned because Google and some browsers are listing this as an attack site. The problem has been going on for some time but I haven’t found a fix yet. I think until I can find and fix the problem, I’ll cross-post everything I write here on my LJ, so go read over there if you want to be extra safe.

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