A week and a half later on the shortshortshort cut, I miss my hair. Good thing over-short hair is a self-correcting problem.

Thanks for Typhoon Sinlaku, that was definitely the coziest weekend I’ve had in a while. During the course of it I made chicken soup, beef stew, knitted the heel of a sock, knitted past the 75% point on a vest, erged a total of 22 km, and read about three books. Never did get around to fixing either WordPress blog, though (this one registers as an “attack site” for some reason, the other one’s media-adding menu isn’t working). Drat. I’m also still annoyed that this typhoon got so little mention in the news; of course it was quite rightly overshadowed by the nastier storm Ike (this one was actually stronger but that one apparently had more energy and so caused a much bigger storm surge). Still, Sinlaku wasn’t even mentioned in international news until well after it hit. I could be wrong but it sure feels like the English-language news just doesn’t care what happens to yellow people far away. Maybe the China earthquake hit during a slow news time.

On the political front I am growing less and less understanding of how anyone of good heart can support Palin. Supporting McCain, I can understand – I disagree but I understand. Supporting some of Palin’s stances on things like illegalization of abortion, I disagree but I understand. Supporting the whole flipflopping pro-big-oil, anti-polar-bear, knifing-those-who-cross-you undereducated underprinciples proving abstinence teaching doesn’t work package? That I don’t get. The other thing I don’t get is waffling who to vote for when one candidate clearly fits your positions because deep down you can’t bring yourself to vote for a black man. Or a woman, I guess, but I think those who would feel that way in other years were stuck this time, and I’m specifically embarassed by being related to someone with the black-man issue. Oh, and teaching Constitutional law counts as relevant experience. Or do you want another term of ignoring the Constitution when it’s inconveniently binding?

Crotchety today, I guess.