The Taiwan moon
keeps her gibbous watch
over jungled mountains.
No ping there lies untouched.
Towns grow,
cities are overgrown,
the hungry jungle eats all:
only the moon knows
what was there.

I have watched her
through inversion haze,
clear desert nights and dust storms.
Shining dim through Northern fogs,
Mirrored by water
in the dark before day.
Pallid at noon,
blazing on midnight snow.
I have not seen the same moon


black on black then blacker – blackest still –
     the night between the stars is absolute.
hurtling outward from the first beginnings
they accelerate, separating, leaving
     nothing behind.
outward they drive
nothingness grows: the blackest blackness spreads.
(unimaginable time: an instant to the universe
      eternity to its creatures)
and then?
stars spreading until each
is infinitely far from any other?
     or pause and turn: collapse

       to a new bright beginning?

Cosmogony Arachnidae

Starspun web-worldlets
– webbed worldseeds –
glittering in
crystalline complexity
infinity in potentia
Held in the superstring sac
of the Architect Arachnid
egg-mother of all

-the universe erupts
in a Great Hatching


Who are you?
But who are you?
                just me. no more.
But who? Have you found yourself?
Can you tell us what “you” means?
                i wasn’t looking, really.
                just being.
But what group are you in?
Have you found God? Have you
found truth? Where do you work?
How do you dress? What are you
part of?
                just me. i told you.
                why do you need to know more?
We need a label, to tell us
if you’re us or them, good or bad.
How else do we know what to say
to you? About you?
                i am me. i am i. i am
                a thousand sunrises,
                and a hundred thoughts under each one.
                i am all the songs i’ve sung
                and all the stories told me.
                i am nights staring into the blue heart of flame
                and long days under water, letting
                earth’s blood flow over me.
                i am words no one has spoken together
                and dreams no one else has had.
                i am not you.
                start from there.