A bunch of stuff posted elsewhere that I never posted up here.


Today I lay and watched the sky-
after long deluges, I had quite forgot
it could be blue. I think I’d forgotten, too,
what a lovely thing a cloud can be.

I wonder, sometimes, what you see in me –
what I love in you is like the sky:
your ever-changing facets, like the clouds –
and like the clouds, each lovelier than the last.
I’d sink all my future and my past
in you, and fall into the sky –
that ‘delirious burning blue’ has depths that I
would sink into forever, if I could,
and likewise into you, and find it good.

Secret Typhoon

…as if the river had turned upside down
and were pouring its water on our heads
and the wind had a personal vendetta
against every tree and window

no one outside noticed,
being busy with their own concerns
(serious troubles, some of them;
others window gazing at
the sexiest tragedy du jour)

a young typhoon, maybe:
alternately hobbling and sitting still
as if just learning how,
alternating tears and tantrums.
Petulant, maybe:
toddlers always want attention.

Will You Come Dancing Tonight?

The Summer-king’s palace is older than coal
And it’s never a safe place to enter
You might lose your heart, you might gain your soul
There’s no knowing fate when you venture.

But will you come dancing tonight?
The Moon is full, lucent and high
There’s no knowing, under its light,
What dreams might come true if you try.

The candleflames echo the Moon
The Great Hall is filled with their spark
The guests will arrive all too soon;
Here, bright fey may mix with the dark.

So will you come dancing with me?
If you’ll but hold hands with blind chance
There’s no telling who it might be
Whose arm is your guide through the dance.

There’s no knowing what you might find
When you leave the Summer-king’s hall
You might find the world left behind
You might find no time’s passed at all.

So will you come dancing tonight?
You’ll see the familiar made strange
And many an uncanny sight
Where the only thing certain is change.