I was all proud of myself for actually cooking last night – I know nachos barely count as cooking to some, but I usually don’t cook much at all when I’m home alone. One of the hamburger patties Rudder keeps on hand, crumbled and cooked with seasoning, was just the right amount of meat for one. However, I think I ate too much anyway, I don’t think my body appreciated the 13 km this morning, either. Or possibly not the combination of that and the nachos I made last night. My head hurts – tension or the change in pressure from a passing typhoon that’s brough us strong winds, or both, and my stomach’s a little sunsettled. I’d consider going home sick, since I don’t think I’ve taken any sick time this year, but the 10 minute walk and the 30 minute drive that going home entails are both pretty unappealing. Also, I’m pretty sure this will pass in relatively short term. (Slightly later: yup, head still hurts but the stomach’s feeling a bit better.)

My IBS has been even better since coming to Taiwan than it was in the Netherlands, to the point that Rudder commented the other day that it hardly ever disrupts our plans any more. I eat a lot less beef here (and less in the Netherlands than in the US). These may well be related. I think also, not rowing before work helps my stess levels a lot – not having to worry about getting up at 4AM, not being perpetually tired (well, not as much) or scrambling to get to bed absurdly early, and most of all not dealing with a digestive system that rebels at the idea of being on the lake for two hours very early in the morning. One nice thing about ergs is that if you really need to make a pit stop in the middle of a workout, you can. That’s much more difficult on the water.