debate aftermath

It’s nice to hear that Biden won the race, but I don’t think that matters much. Who decides how to vote based on who won a VP debate? Only two things could have happened tonight that would matter:

1. I suppose Biden could have convinced some people he was too big a jerk to be elected. Highly unlikely. We already know he says stupid things sometimes and anyway, people are voting for Obama, not him. He did manage to maintain the idea of the Obama campaign taking the high road (relatively speaking only – the candidates themselves have done decently, their people not so much) and I suppose that might help. I think a lot of people like him better after this debate than before, but again, that’s not likely to change anyone’s votes.

2. Palin could have been so good or so bad that she swayed the opinion of someone who’d been uneasy about her. I think this did happen a bit. She’s certainly not likely to change the opinion of anyone who already thinks she’s clueless and in over her head, but she displayed the ability to take the conversation where she wants it and didn’t make any big gaffes that I heard of. She’s not going to sway any Obama supporters, but I would think anyone who had considered GWB intelligent enough to be President and who was worried about her, would consider her bright enough for VeeP after this debate.

One can of course hope that eight years of seeing the results of a vote for GWB might have changed people’s minds on the requirements for high office.

In other news, I have my race tomorrow, and I have no idea whatsoever what to expect. With the help of map and GPS, I’m pretty sure I can find the place again, at least.

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  1. l'empress says:

    I got annoyed with Ms. Brighteyes early on, when she announced she wasn’t going to answer the questions “the way the moderator wanted.” She doesn’t seem to understand that a DEBATE is a discussion with rules; as a “hockey mom,” she should understand about rules and how they are to be obeyed.

    Otherwise, I could pretty well ignore her one way or the other. I never like women who play “cutesy,” but that’s my problem.

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