another report on differing medical systems.

Quiet weekend, because Rudder was laid low by whatever he caught in the Netherlands – mostly just sniffly, with clogged sinuses and a cough, but it keep him really, relaly groggy all weekend. Even when the cleaning people were here, he stayed in bed until they needed to do that room because he just couldn’t wake up. He seems to be a lttle better today; whatever it was, it didn’t combine well at all with jetlag.

And if I ever had any doubt that my ocular migraines are tied to my sinuses, I think I just had proof. I just went from “Uh-oh, I feel pressure in my sinuses, hope I’m not getting what he had,” to “Wham! can’t see” inside about five minutes. Am still in the throes of impaired vision so pls excuse typos. I still hope it’s not what he had.

Supposed to be doing a presentation but if I’m going to mess something up due to semi-blindness, better it’s this. Am working from home today (which was bad since I couldn’t driver Rudder if he’s still groggy, good because just at this second I couldn’t drive at all) because of an og-gyn checkup this morning. Not too unlike the US, which makes sense because it’s the expensive Americanized expat clinic. One difference were that he was in and out (er, literally) in just a cople of minutes – we did spend time taling beforehand in his office, so it’s not that he was rushing me. It was rather nice to have my clothes on while talking to the doctor. The other thing was that when he recommended I have a mammogram this year (I was thinking it had been one year, but it was in AZ, so closer to two) they could just do it right away instead of my having to make a separate appointment elsewhere. This is because doctor appts here are usually within hospitals.

Gah. Don’t know why this migraine. Can’t see to type out of the left side of both eyes. Maybe it’s time to go erg.

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  1. LA says:

    Erging with a migraine? Oy.

    Hope you two are on the mend already. Sending good vibes your way. ~LA

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