I just noticed something: I’m in week 12 of my Marathon Rowing training program. Since it’s got six four-week cycles plus a two week taper, that means that disregarding the taper, when I finish this week I’ll be halfway through.

In theory I should erg 12km Saturday to finish this week, then 9km Sunday to begin next week. (Or maybe 11; if I swap the first two workouts of the week I have a little extra time on a weekday morning.) In practice I will be shorting it this weekend, probably, because we have a regatta. If I row a hard race (plus all the extra to practice, get to the start of the race, and get in from the finish) I’m not particularly worried if I don’t get my distance in, especially since I’m not really getting ready for a marathon anyway. If I do the 12km, I’ll be just under 500 km (320mi) total for these 12 weeks.

This regatta will be a bit strange, since it’s supposedly for juniors. But the coach said we can race, so we will. Whatever. (More or less my motto for life in Taiwan.)

I had thought this training program would carry me through to March, but I guess not. I always forget that 4 weeks isn’t really a month. Looking at an actual calendar, it will really only take me to January 25 – possibly the 31 since I may just take a week off at Christmas while the in-laws are here. I guess I’d better start thinking about a plan to get me from February to our big race in October.

I did do my erg workout yesterday during the ocular migraine. (No pain, just blinding afterimages.) At least I could see afterwards.

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