been a while, hasn’t it?

Jeans are weird. I mean, the way they fit when you first buy them, then after a while you start noticing they’re tight when they’ve just come out of the washer, then after another while they’re just too tight, period, and you start thinking maybe it’s really you and not the jeans. But you go to a store and buy new jeans in the same size as the too-small ones and they fit just fine. Well, not that last part, in my current case, because they really would probably be too small here and all the sizes are different, but ordering pants a size larger in Eddie Bauer recently and finding that they actually were too big was reassuring. (And I can wear the pants, just with a belt.) The other thing that tells me it isn’t me is that the butt is just fine, the waist is a little tight but not too bad (well, I *have* gained *some* weight) but the pant legs are just way too tight on my ginormous rower thighs. I worked to get those, and I’m not giving them up. So instead I’ll give the jeans away: I don’t know where to donate clothing here, but our cleaning people come Sunday and they go to church after that, so I’ll ask if their church has a donation box. Or if they want the jeans themselves, I suppose; they might be small enough.

Since it’s been a while since I’ve written here, I should collect a couple things I’ve written elsewhere:

The Phillies are now 1 and 1 in the World Series, yay. (This was more exciting yesterday, before the “and 1” part.) I don’t know how long the link will work, but this is just too cool – during a game you can get live coverage on the Major League Baseball site that lets you see the scores, gives you the sort of information you’d get from listening to a game on the radio (without the same level of excitement, admittedly) and lets you see exactly where each pitch comes in. It doesn’t seem to update quite in realtime – there are long gaps where nothing happens then a bunch of pitches will come in closer than they really would – but close. It’s more fun to watch on TV, but this is handy if you’re only near a computer.

And in more personal sporting news, last weekend’s regatta was just awful, mostly due to extremely windy conditions.

Tomorrow we have a party to go to, for my work group at our boss’s house. I will be bringing Mexican layer dip, if I can find sour cream and bean dip. (Suggestions for good potluck takealongs not involving too many prepackaged foods that might be hard to find here, or baking ingredients ditto, are welcome.)

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  1. Sarah HB says:

    Baby quiche has ingredients you could probably find where you are…or at least similar.

    Harder part, the little muffin pans.

    Also, you could make salsa but don’t know if anyone would eat it.

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