the erg is eating my life

The erg is beginning to eat my life, just as on-the-water rowing used to. I don’t think the stupid has set in yet too badly, probably because there haven’t been as many obscenely early wake-up calls yet, but those will come – I have to wake up at 5:30 tomorrow and the next four-week cycle will require some 5AM alarms. The workouts are beginning to affect what else I do, and it’s actually a bit worse because I’ve been loading long rows on the weekends to avoid those extra early wakeups and to give me two days off during the workweek. This weekend I’m scheduled to row 20km Saturday and 15km Sunday. I have a hunch I won’t be doing too many other stressful activities this weekend.

The other problem is that because we dirve to work together my schedule isn’t as flexibile as it used to be. I used to be able to get up an hour early and fit in 10km, because if I ran 5 or 10 min later than my usual departure time it didn’t matter. Now I can only plan on 8km. My old schedule used to assume 45 minutes from getting up to leaving; the current one is only 35 or so. Ted’s got so many meetings he can’t afford to get into work too much later, and my gut is (and has always been) cranky enough that all planning requires margin. Today I got up at 6 and fit in 9km and still got to work early, but that was a combination of the body and the traffic both behaving surprisingly well.

I think I’m going to need to make a conscious decision to sacrifice something: either weekend time and energy, or workweek energy and sleeping in, or the workout. Fortunately it doesn’t need to be a monolithic decision and it’s not carved in stone once I decide; for instance I could keep working out Saturday and Sunday both but stop switching things to do a longer workout Sunday; that will give me two mornings to sleep in during the week and more time / energy Sunday, at the cost of one more early wake-up. The drawback to this is that it gives me a less regular sleep schedule. That could mean less sleep overall due to laying awake in bed or waking up early involuntarily, but it’s also possibly that that kind of distance would make getting to sleep very easy. In the next cycle there are two days back-to-back of 21km and 18km respectively; that may be the one time I’ll sacrifice distance. As Ted pointed out, it is important to have two long days together. But I don’t want to get up any earlier than 5AM, so what I may do is to change that 21km to 15.

I want some of my life back. I know I did this to myself, and just on a whim, but it seems pretty stupid to be lving in Taipei and not getting out to see new stuff on weekends.

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  1. LA says:

    You know I always vote for life in your life. Sightsee! Do cultural things! Plan outings with friends!

    That being said I also understand your joy in fulfilling a commitment to something physical, especially if it requires planning and monumental effort. Mick is much the same and I do what I can to support it. (50 mile bike ride this Sat if weather cooperates. Him, not me! I give massages and carb load him.)

    So I’m no help whatsoever except to encourage you to squeeze in as much of both as you can. ~LA

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