milestone of failure

I didn’t feel well most of yesterday or when I woke up this morning, just generally blah. I attribute it to a change in weather and possibly the fact that we’d accidentally left the meat for Sunday night’s dinner out (in cold water) all the night before. I figured on one of three plans: either I’d feel well and I would row (well, erg) or I’d feel really sick and I wouldn’t row, or I’d feel just a ibt icky and I’d row lightly and see how it went.

It turned out to be option three, but I really was still feeling a real lack of energy (I think by this time it might have been just from not having much dinner last night). The plan was for 1km warmup, then 2km fast (for more specific values of “fast”, about a 5K pace) followed by 3km at marathon pace, repeating the part after the warmup twice. After a few kilometers (slower than usual) I decided to bag it after one rep, gritted my teeth and finished out that rep for a total of 6km.

This was the first time I haven’t made my day’s planned distance, aside from the two times I had races, and those don’t exactly count as ody.)slacking! Today was day 2 of week fifteen of this program – that means that until now I’d gone fifteen weeks without slacking off once. I’m pretty proud of that.

(And not really upset about losing ground today. There’s a lot to be said for listening to your body. Ironically, I felt much better after I’d showered, gotten to work, ad eaten something.)

Also, today I looked back at my training logs for the last time I did this program, in fall of 2005, and holy *crap* am I pulling faster times than I was then! It’s more about working harder than being in better shape, I think. But wow. (A little of it is because the erg was on slides then – they seem to slow me down. But not by that much.) They’re still not times that anyone would be impressed with, but I don’t have to compare to anyone but myself. I was shocked at how much difference there was.

I have a trip to the US week after next, and my in-laws will be here for Xmas and New Year. I think I’ll just try to keep rowing enough for maintenance those weeks, then resume my training at whatever week I was up to each time. (Those aren’t slacking; those are planned.) Once this is done, in early February or so, I’ll erg my marathon for the hell of it, then switch to speed and strength training.

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  1. LA says:

    I do so admire your commitment. To yourself, I mean. I think it’s wonderful how you cheer and encourage and coach yourself! Shows me the flipside to the endless sneering negativity most of us use as self motivation. You, my dear one, are amazing. An erging philosopher. And poet! Hope your piece does well in the contest. ~LA

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