trip report

That was a good, good trip. The trip home wasn’t quite as good as the trip there – which is to say it was about normal for a stupidly long trip, with normal levels of crowding instead of empty seats next to us. Not bad, though. Getting home at just before midnight Sunday and going into work Monday wasn’t wonderful, but we’re taking two days off at the end of the week for Thanksgiving. (That does mean we have to survive a turkey-hunting trip to Costco sometime before then.) But just to recap:

Hotel: comfortable, in the way that those mid-range long-stay hotels seem to do so much better than upscale ones.
Friends seen: rowing people, LJ people, his work people, two of my work people.
Beer: our two favorite brewpubs.
Mexican food: about three times, plus Chipotle burritoes, if those count.
Cajun food: nope. It closed. 🙁 But that gave us a free evening for:
Steak: By popular acclaimation, Fleming’s steaks really are better than Ruth’s Chris (we have the latter here in Taipei, actually, and will have Rudder’s birthday dinner there).
Shopping: Slightly embarassing. One pair jeans (Gap hasn’t changed the fit on their Long & Lean, yay!), skivvies (sports and otherwise),rowing gear, beading stuff, yarn for one sweater and two pair socks, spectacular stone buttons for that sweater and dichroic glass ones (!) for another, electronics (holiday gifts, mostly), books (Kindle and paper), assorted other useful stuff including a meat thermometer for the turkey.
More on the books: slightly disappointed how many aren’t on the Kindle yet, but decided it’s definitely worth spenting $1-2 for a collection of all of Austen, say, or all Trollope’s Palliser books with Table of Contents and some formatting.I probably bought at least 20 books for the Kindle, but at least 3/4 of them would have been those collections. Definitely approve of the Kindle.
Workouts: I R A slacker. Should have done 60km this week, had I not decided to pause the training for a week. Had all the chances in the world – the offer of boats from three different clubs plus K’s own ones plus B’s kind offer to let us come lift at his place. In actuality rowed twice, 10km in a double and 15km in a quad (with Ted, R, and K. No erging, no lifting. Back to the trenches this week for me, with the added incentive of the Concept II Holiday Challenge beginning Thursday (that’s to erg 200 km from Thanksgiving to Christmas Eve).
Massage One. Very good, but would have been better without the political discussion.
Posts I need to write: at least three. One on Mamma Mia! (which I saw on the plane and loved), one on women’s bodies and an increasing number of mature ones showcased as role models (with attention to both Mamma Mia! and the recent US campaign), one on the perfect bra and what makes one.
Enjoyment level: very high. I had forgotten what a comfortable and convenient place Phoenix is when it’s not doing an oven impersonation to distract me from its good points.

Note: Anyone who reads me on Livejournal will have noticed that this post is a duplicate. Is there anyone left who reads here and not there? I’m thinking of just putting future entries there. It always seems hard to remember to post stuff here, when I hang out so much there.

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  1. LA says:

    I need to re-open my LJ or make a new one. I don’t know your place there, but would be happy to read it! Espcially since all the books thoughts and discussions go on there. I shall not let my distaste for LJ get in the way of hanging with my friends there anymore! Point me in the right direction? ~LA

  2. mary says:

    I read here and not there — I don’t think I knew you had a THERE. 😉

  3. Melissa says:

    I read both, generally.

    I’m glad you had such a great trip!

  4. lcubed says:

    rarely look over at LJ

    always peek here

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