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Thanksgiving here was pretty good; the only turkey I could find was one in a fancy box that was already roasted and stuffed and only needed reheating, with packets of gravy and cranberry sauce included. I would much rather roast my own but I have to admit that this one came out pretty good. Even the gravy didn’t taste commercial and the stuffing only had the ingredients you might use yourself, no chemicals or preservatives. With it I made salad, double-baked potatoes (with creme fraiche because I couldn’t find sour cream – they were outstanding, but I still don’t know the difference between creme fraiche and sour cream) asparagus, and applesauce. I made the applesauce only because we didn’t know about the cranberry sauce until we opened the box to reheat the turkey and I just had to guess which one of the two kinds of apples in the grocery store would be better for baking, but it turned out extremely easy and very tasty. I’ll definitely make that again. We had one guest, an American who works for Ted whose (Korean) wife is out of town.

Now I just have to work three weeks, during which we move into our brand new office building, then Ted’s parents come in for a visit and I’m off for two weeks. My in-laws are the sort of visitors you welcome in and are sorry to say goodbye to, so I’m looking forward to it. We’re supposed to go to Thailand with them for a few days, but given current news from Bangkok, that’s looking a bit iffy.

Otherwise, I have finished knitting the shawl for my mother-in-law; now I just need to finish the socks for Ted, but I can only work on those when he’s not around. (He doesn’t read here, though he knows about it.) I have two other projects on the needles, the last of the rowing socks and a Dodecahedron pillow I started just for car knitting; I am being firm and forcing myself to finish at least one of those because I dive back in to recreate the Manos del Uruguay cardigan I left on a plane last year. I’d like to have it done in time for our visit to an ice hotel at the end of January. (Hmm. Maybe that deadline’s enough excuse to start right away? But I hate to have old projects sitting moldering.)

To get back on track after the US trip, I erged six days in a row with on breaks from last Tuesday through yesterday, for a total of 81 km (!). Fifty six of those count for this year’s Holiday Challange (the other 25 were before Thanksgiving) so I’m a quarter of the way done. Maybe I was a little hungrier than normal, but it wasn’t really noticeable (especially during Thanksgiving weekend!). What I did notice is that I’ve been getting sleepy much earlier than usual, and sleeping pretty soundly. I finally had a day off today, getting back to my normal schedule of Monday and Thursday off; tomorrow it’s back on the machine for another 11km.

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  1. Mer says:

    Creme fraiche is less sour and more nutty than sour cream, and it’s used in place of sour cream in French cooking. It’s a key ingredient of tartiflette ( which I learned how to make in France, and is how I learned about creme fraiche!

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