I had yesterday off from work, though with the sort of itinerary that makes you wish you were at work: to the hospital for a medical check-up, home to erg 18 km, dentist’s to have my teeth cleaned. The check-up was actually very interesting: Taiwanese companies are required by law to provide annual checkups for all employees, so we all had to sign up for a particular morning. Ted and I chose the same day, for convenience, and being over 40 we each got to choose one extra exam: carotid artery sonography, heart sonography, or upper gastric pan-endoscopy. I chose the upper gastric, but it was over-subscribed so I took the heart sonography instead.

This was the most thorough check-up I’ve ever had, far more so than any time I requested a check-up from an American doctor. They dd the usual stuff like checking height, weight, blood pressure and pulse, and taking blood and urine samples, then checked vision and hearing as US doctors do for a flight physical, but they also did a chest x-ray, abdominal sonogram to look at the liver and gallbladder (what can they tell from just looking at those?) and the heart sonogram. That one was fascinating: I got to see my heart beating and the blood moving from chamber to chamber. It turns out I have a minor mitral valve regurgitation, but since Mom and Ted both have that I know it’s nothing to worry about. My blood pressure was higher than usual, but sinc eit was taken after I’d been shuttled around a strange hospital for a while that may be why. The doctor’s other comment to both me and Ted was that our heart rates are “slow” – I’m sure the rowing has a lot to do with that! Hopefully they will send us the results of all their analyses. (And hopefully it won’t all be in Chinese!)

The erging was considerably less interesting and the dentist wasn’t fun at all. The hygienist was quite gentle but she also found a cracked filling (one they’d put in just six months ago) so I need to go back on Friday to get that corrected.

Otherwise, we’re just looking forward to the holidays and getting ready for Ted’s parents’ visit here. All but two of my presents are bought, and of the two, one is alredy determined (a donation, by request of the recipient) and I have some ideas for the other. I got my cards mostly done last night. Ted actually sent his out a week or two ago – I do like being married to a grown-up who writes his own Christmas cards and buys presents for his side of the family!

My holiday knitting is nearly done; I just have a couple of inches on the second sock for Ted and that’s it. I’ve started the replacement to the sweater-in-progress left on a plane last year, and after all that knitting with sock yarn it’s going pleasantly fast – I want to have it done for our trip to Sweden over Chinese New Year.

The trickiest part of the parents’ visit has been figuring out what to do about our guestroom bed, which is hard as a rock. It’s just a hard mattress on top of a word platform. We have an inflatable bed, but I’m worried that it will be too soft – my FIL has a bad back. Also, when it’s inflated and set up on the bed platform even with the real mattress removed it’s awfully high. Combined that with the softness around the edges and I’d be worried about someone falling out. I think we’ll just get a foam pad to put on the mattress, then if it’s still too hard they’ll have the inflatable as a back-up plan.

Oh, and with yesterday’s long row, I have the annual Holiday Challenge over three-fourths done – 156,231 meters rowed!