We have turkey!!

We came upon it unexpectedly in the small gourmet grocery t the bottom of the local mall, so we snapped it up. It’s a slightly strange-looking one, packed more like a piece of chicken on a styrofoam tray with plastic wrap over it instead of in a bag. The color is more mottled than I’m used to in turkeys. I think it’s OK; fortunately my Mother-in-law, who has degrees in Home Ec as well as chemistry will be here, so I can get a good second opinion. We may still get another one if Costco has them; Ted likes to freeze the meat in single-serving packets for later consumption.

It was a good weekend for finishing things. I completed the Concept 2 Holiday Challenge with a new personal record: only 18 days! And that’s with taking days off of rowing, which I don’t normally do. You do enough of those 15-25 km pieces and they add up. Now I just have to keep going, having just started week 20 of 26 of my marathon training. (I’ll put it on hold and just do maintenance training over Xmas / New Year’s weeks.)

And I finished the socks I am knitting for Ted, even to weaving the ends. They could use blocking to make the pattern look better, but I can’t do that without his seeing them. So that’s my holiday knitting done.

I have one present to buy (and know what it is) to complete a friend’s presentry, leaving me with only one more problem; one relative requested a donation to a charity in lieu of a gift, and said charity only takes checks. I don’t want to mail a check internationally. The bank will mail checks for me, but doesn’t leave enough room in their form for it to be properly addressed, and won’t include a note so I can have an “In Your Honor” acknowledgement sent. I’ve emailed said relative to ask if it’s better to have the check sent to him for forwarding (or my Mom would probably do it) or if I can just send money to a charity working for the same cause who takes credit cards and Paypal.

Otherwise, I’m ready; I just have to work through Thursday and then all is holiday cheer.