Two or three hours more of work, depending on whether I skip out right after my last meeting. Then I drive home, 45 minutes or so, then later tonight we drive all the way back out past work (much quicker at that time of night) and hope we can find the short-term parking at the airport, so we can pick up Ted’s parents. If there’s time between work and the airport trip I may erg, since I didn’t this morning; otherwise I’ll have to do it tomorrow. I figure the in-laws will be tired enough that no one will miss me if I’m on the erg for an hour. I have to erg 18km Saturday anyway, so they may as well get used to it.

We’re not completely sure what we’ll feed them, but we’ll manage. Breakfast is always the big challenge, since we generally don’t eat anything more elaborate than a bagel (him) or granola bar (me). However we have cereals, granola bars, oranges, bagels, cream cheese and bread, so I don’t think they’ll starve.

I could use some rest. Fortunately they’re not demanding sorts of guests – they pitch in with cooking and cleanup, and don’t demand to be entertained constantly. They also understand when other people need downtime. Plus I think they’ll be pretty tired their first few days here after that epic plane trip, 17 hours or so, not to mention the flurry of getting ready. My husband, who is not as good as his parents at allowng for the frailties of others, doesn’t quite understand why they’re feeling so wrung out after preparations for a long international trip that they’re not used to plus a business trip to Minneapolis in winter for him and a frantic trip to Seattle during its recent epic cold spell for her after they realized their passports needed to be renewed. (They weren’t being stupid and they had made sure theirs were still valid, just hadn’t realized that Taiwan demands a passport that’s valid for 6 months after arrival no matter how short a time you plan to stay.) I suspect we’ll be spending most of the first couple of days all resting, with maybe just a trip or to to see some local sights.

More than two weeks off work, congenial company, Chanukah (the candles mom sent arrived yesterday), a few days to rest before an overnight road trip to a place I just heard described as one of the most beautiful in the world, Christmas, New Years, Thailand … and then the in-laws leave and Ted takes off almost simultaneously on a business trip and I have the apartment to myself. Sounds pretty good to me, even if I do have to dive back into my training program then right at the 75+km weeks.