ready to go

All meetings done and I’m just hanging out until the boy is ready to leave work. Tomorrow we have the day off (if your definition of ‘off’ includes a 25 km erg piece) and tomorrow night we leave for the Ice Hotel in Sweden.

I must say this sounded like a much better idea back when I was sweating through a Taiwan summer. Stlil, I’m sure we’ll like it. Fingers crossed that we get to see Northern Lights!

(Now, I just have to decide which knitting to take, as usual. At least the Kindle takes care of book issues, though I will probably toss in a paperback just in case.)

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3 Responses to ready to go

  1. LA says:

    Too fun! Look forward to hearing all about it! ~LA

  2. Sarah HB says:

    Have fun! The Northern Lights are really a sight to behold! Like fire dancing across the sky.

    Don’t forget to post photos of the ice hotel. Stay warm.

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