We got back Sunday. When everybody thinks you are insane to leave a warm climate go to the Arctic for a vacation in winter and you come back with a cold, it just substantiates their beliefs and can be a bit hard to live down. Im taking today off to spare my colleagues the coughing jags.

On the other hand I feel fine other than the coughing (and the coughing up gross stuff) and really, the trip was well worth a small cold. We had a great time. For some reason I’m lagging in writing up the trip, though – and with the day off, I have no real excuse.

Maybe I should take days off more often, though. Last night the boss called (at night, because he’s in Europe) to ask if I would be the leader of a new team. It’s not uncommon for me to be a project leader, but it’s s nice change to get to work with an actual project team. Then today I got an email about some other nice recognition coming up for an extracurricular activity (sorry, no details yet on that).

Another nice thing I’ve come across is this way to create custom skins for a Kindle or pretty much any other device. Only what design do I use? Ornamentation from a Thai temple: Winter trees from Sweden? A cloud pattern? Rough decision.