I’m finally back to work, after four days out with bronchitis (Wednesday to Monday). I don’t know when I’ve taken so many days off sick. (I was much more ill in the summer of 2006, but most of the worst of that was during time off and travel, unfortunately.) This has actually been reasonably pleasant; there was only one day where I really felt awful. Otherwise, it was like being ten again – long slow days and time to read long quiet books. I reread some of my favorites including Anne Fadiman’s At Large and at Small and that took me up a hill and sent me coasting down halfway through Essays of Elia (I’m missing the lovableness here) and all the way through Elizabeth’s German Garden but found it there, in spades).

I was really too lethargic to knit, and besides, the rough granola-crunchy organic undyed yarn in the current sweater seemed to release fibers that only irritated my throat more. It may actually be true that I read better when not knitting, but I think the Internet is actually the bigger cause of short attention span. Maybe the longer reading breaks were because I spent more time in bed and mostly didn’t bother bringing the laptop in.

I’m definitely still a bit muzzy-headed, which should make this afternoon’s three meetings exciting.