prompted by something abyssinia4077 said

“because ye were strangers in a strange land”

They taught us of gas and barbed wire:
Of lampshades and ovens and trains,
Forced labor and careful starvation,
mass graves and torment and pain.
And they told us, “Never again.”

They taught us about forced conversions,
Of martyrs embracing their pain,
They told us of shame and eviction
And spoke a repeated refrain:
They told us, “Never again.”

The news shows me stories of hatred;
I hear of its fruits that remain,
and I realize my freedom means little
if others are still bound in chains
And I whisper, “Never again.”

Note: there are later verses to this which end “And I promise ‘Never again’ ” and “And I live by ‘Never Again’ “, but I’m not up to those yet. Not in the sense of not having written the verses, but in the sense of not earned the credit for living them. (I haven’t written them either.)

In other news, I still haven’t written up or posted photos of the Ice Hotel trip. I am a bad, bad blogger. I’m most of the way better from the brinchitis, so maybe this weekend.

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