tomorrow: shopping at the fancy Western market downtown (the one in the green Sogo). Looking at shoes on the way downstairs to it. Need to remember to buy flour and fancy preserves. Pre-birthday dinner at fancy steak place.
March 1: New Shadow Unit up! Rudder’s not around, so if feeling energetic maybe this is the day to visit Shih-Lin Yarn Market.
March 2 (or so): inauguration poem contest results announced at Absolute Write. New Twist Collective due out (March 1, if you’re farther west).
March 7: work outing to the Taiwan Traditional Arts Center
March 8: Bake hamantaschen.
March 9: Introduce Taiwanese colleagues (and any Dutch ones that happen by) to hamantaschen.
March 10: Purim. My birthday. Take day off, visit the good bookstore downtown, splurge on books not available on the Kindle.
March 11: Check to see if I now know the answers to Life, the Universe and Everything – this is on March 11 instead of March 10 because 11:30 AM EST is 12:30 AM the next morning here. Spring Knitty due out by midmonth or so.
March 17: Elizabeth Bear guest-appearing on the Absolute Write chat room. Also, possibly erg marathon this day, not that that qualifies as a ‘thing to look forward to’.

There are also a few things coming up that I’m not particularly looking forward to, like Rudder having a business trip right when we might finally both be healthy at once. But those things are all survivable.