finally done

I am wearing my rowing socks today! This means I have finally finished the fourth sock – the second sock of the ones in plain aqua yarn that let the pattern show. (These were going to be for Rudder, but fit me better. Oops.) I can tell I was really sick of the pattern by the time I was working on most of this one; for one thing, the second sock had two extra stitches, because I was thinking both the front and back of the leg had a row of knit stitches at the beginning and end of each row, and it’s really only the back. I just decreased those two stitches at the beginning of the ribbing. I’d already known that I forgot the oars along the sides of the foot on the second one; I tinked back the stitches to add one oar in when I realized, but it took so long I decided that sock could live with only one oar. They don’t show when you wear shoes, anyway. If I ever decide these should be my lucky racing socks, I have enough yarn left to knit an extra one, or else a pair of children’s socks. But that won’t be any time soon. Meanwhile I have ordered yarn for a shawl (after deciding the silver-gray lace yarn I have isn’t ideal with a red dress, at least not this particular dress), two pair of socks, and a sleeveless sweater.

And I’ve started the next pair. With very few exceptions, I only knit for family because everything takes so long, so these will be a welcome-to-the-family present for my brother’s fiancee. If she’s really lucky I’ll get them done and posted in time for her June birthday; if not I’ll send a picture and bring them when I visit in August.

Hey, I just thought: I’m meeting some people to a Japanese restaurant tonight. Maybe we’ll have a tatami-style table where you take your shoes off!!

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  1. Sarah H says:

    Happy belated 42nd birthday!

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