migraine vs marathon

I wouldn’t call it a bad week, but it’s been slightly rough going. Tuesday Ted had a meeting that ran late and we ended up being at work for nearly 12 hours (with a break for lunch, but when you eat at the company cafeteria in the same building, only have 2 choices what to eat, and eat with your coworkers it isn’t exactly a ‘break’). At 7:30 PM I decided I was officially off the clock and went and got my knitting from the car; unfortunately shortly after I got upstairs with it an ocular migraine came on. Couldn’t websurf because I couldn’t see, and it’s a pattern where I do have to look to see what I’m doing. It cleared up bythe time we finaly headed home, but there were few moments of icepick-in-the-eye pain on the way home. Glad I wasn’t driving (then again, if I were I’d have been home long before that). Got home, declared a granola bar and some popcorn to be dinner, went to bed. (Ate granola bar and popcorn in bed, actually.)

This is a bit disturbing because it’s the first of those self-diagnosed ocular migraines that I can’t correlate with known sinus issues (either mine or Ted’s – oddly more of them correlate with him being sick(ish) than me). However, the pollution was very bad that day – we couldn’t even see Taipei 101 from the highway, which is rare – and 12 hours under fluorescent lights may be a factor. (Irritate the eyes, which makes me sniffly – and I know my sinuses have been stuffy *since* the migraine.)

The other disturbing thing is that the time has come, with my marathon training plan, to either, er, run or get off the track. I’ve done all the weeks in the program, plus several recovery ones after the bronchitis. I don’t feel like I’ve ever gotten back to the peak of fitness I was at before leaving for the Ice Hotel but I’m also out of time: I need to start focusing on speed and power to prepare for sprint racing. So, though I’m been reluctant to talk about it for fear of looking stupid if I back out, I’m going to attempt to erg a marathon this weekend, under Ted’s supervision (meaning he gets to fix any issues with audiovisuals and bring more sports drink if needed). I’ve decided, since it’s only me, to listen to an audiobook rather than watching a movie, and have downloaded Percy Jackson book #3 for the purpose. For visuals, I can set up the big computer monitor to cycle through our photos – the screensaver somehow accesses all iPhoto libraries, so there area years of images that show up.

I should have been able to set a PR easily, because I’ve taken far fewer breaks in the long pieces during my training than in previous years, but I’m not feeling strong, and I’m not (yet?) feeling any energy from tapering training. I still might, but I’ll be thrilled with any time I get as long as I finish. Mentioning the marathon here is one way to put pressure on myself: if I give up, now I have to admit it in public.

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