Crap. Apparently I can’t do handstands any more. It’s not a balance issue, just hurts my wrists.

On the happier side, here’s some stuff I made or am making. Knitting: the Manos del Uruguay cardigan (red) I finished in January, what I’m called the Granola Greenjeans sweater I made in February (Mr. Greenjeans pattern from Knitty, granola-colored undyed wool), the socks for my SIL-to-be (one done, one about 3/4 done, that I’m knitting during out commute, and the Icarus shawl I started last week.

Beadwork: Four pair of earrings, one pendant. Our cleaning people were here today and I tend to retreat to my craft room to stay out of their way, so it’s a good time to do beadwork. All pieces are glass and sterling, except one pair of earrings that also include Swarovski crystals. The picture of me is to show the size of the milkglass and Swarovski earrings. Almost forgot to note the leaf earrings do match: those glass leaves have an aurora borealis finish on one side, so on the pair of earring I showed one leaf turned each way.