Today: dragonboat practice was incredibly hot and humid (but otherwise good), then after a couple hours I drove to work (35 minutes) to pick up Lucas (who in the process of getting there had the car he was borrowing break down on the freeway, poor guy), then to April’s house ten minutes away to get her, then up into the mountains above Taoyuan to Ashley’s house where we had a most excellent barbeque. BBQ was fun, all the driving was, well, at least not more stressful than it had to be.

Tomorrow: I’m not doing a damned thing I don’t want to do. Except for a long erg piece, either 15 or 21km, but that’s SOP around here. My to-do list for the day begins, “Sleep late”. If I get really ambitious I’ll walk to 7-11 to py a parking tab (that’s how it works instead of paying a meter here) and if I get really really ambitious I’ll go the the fancy stores to show for brothers-wedding shoes. But I’m only doing the shoe-shopping if it sounds like fun at the time.