I have a LASIK consultation / pre-exam scheduled for next week.

Just now – before I make my decision – would be a really good time to tell me any reasons not to or questions I need to ask. Once I decide, I will have a moratorium on horror stories.

I’ve already asked one of my major questions: whether this surgery to correct my far vision will damage my near vision, which so far is fine. They said it won’t, though of course I can expect it to degrade as I get older.

I always said I didn’t see much point in surgery if I’d eventually have to wear reading glasses anyway. But that was when I could wear contact lenses every day. These days I can’t – a couple years back they began to irritate me eyes / sinuses enough that I feel like I’ve got a minor cold by the end of a day in contacts. So it’s a good time, now before I’m attacked by old age (more).

ETA: When I have assembled my list of questions, I will post them – might be useful for others. Also, don’t worry: I have been wearing glasses for 39 years now (and let me tell you, a 3-year-old in bifocals is damned funny-looking). I am perfectly prepared to go on wearing them if I don’t like the answers to my questions.