Dragonboat racing: We came in 3rd of 4. We rowed against a police crew and two student crews; I expected we’d lose to the police crew and beat the students. One of the student crews turned out to be better than I expected, and they as well as the police beat us. No further racing for us, but I felt like we rowed a decent race, and at least we had bragging rights for beating one crew. I went back for the opening ceremonies that night, but elected to stay at home instead of going to a bar afterward – I had to go back to drop off my bike anyway and Ted was due home any minute. He actually got there a little earlier than I’d expected so I was glad I’d stayed home.

Friday: With the whole rest of the weekend fee, we headed out Friday in search of a belated birthday gift for his parents (personalized bobbleheads based on a photo of them, in front of a Taipei background. Whatever – he takes care of presents for his side of the family.) and then to a tailor who makes both men’s and women’s clothing. Four shirts apiece, for a total of $200US. I can’t buy premade shirts in a store that cheap. A month or two ago, Ted bought trousers and a suit in wonderful fabrics from a different tailor for far higher prices; these were not as nice materials and won’t be wrinkle free like the shirts I’ve been buying in the US, but the fabric is perfectly OK if not luxurious and I will deal with dry-cleaning or ironing if they only fit properly. They normally measure shoulders, chest, waist, arm length and neck; I made them measure around my arms as well since I’ve had so many problems with too-small sleeves. Afterwards, we ate right around the corner, at the very American place where I’ve been goign for our dry-land dragonboat practices. Most impressively, they recognized me (by name!) even out of context.

The lowlight of today was the mandatory 15km on the erg. At least the next chapter of the audiobook-of-the-moment gives me somethign to look forward to. The highlight of today was dinner at the nearby fancy Italian place – really Italian, not the more common Italiawanese. Yum. Am typing under the influence of much wine plus the port they gave us with dessert, so please excuse typing errors.

Tomorrow: up early for the maids, weight-lifting, dinner cooked by ourselves. God, I lvoe long weekends.

Tuesday: evaluation and consultation for LASIK. I’ve pretty much decided to do it as long as I get satisfactory answers to all of my questions.

PS: Have finally given in and joined Twitter, as dichroicpb.