Yay! I’m finally done my Icarus Aflame shawl [Ravelry link]. I finished binding off in the car here this morning. Of course at the moment it looks like a mass of lumpy fluff; I can’t wait to block it, though that could be tricky because I probably don’t have enough pins and don’t know where to buy more around here. I may be able to use string to help with that, if I have any string. I need to remember to take before and after pictures – lace blocking is such a magical process.

Speaking of craftwork, I just had something strange happen. After our trip to Malaysia, I couldn’t find one pair of earrings I’d taken – second ones down on this page, the pink ones. I found them yesterday deep in the pocket of some shorts I hadn’t worn for a while. Only they weren’t pink; the bigger bead was grayish, though with some pink echoes. I thought originally that maybe going through the washer had somehow changed the beads’color, but then I walked around with them and realized that they were only gray in the bedroom light (fluorescent and halogen). In the bathroom they were much pinker and this morning in daylight they were the original shade. So either this material has acquired some very interesting properties while under very hot water, or I never looked at them in artificial light before, or at least only in incandescent light. I thought they were glass but maybe not. I’m going to take pictures of them being gray and post on the the Beads of the Month community to see if anyone knows what these are or what could have happened to them.

Oh, and the short version of this weekend is that when we got there we learned it was the Taiwan National Team Selection regatta. It is true to say that Ted came in first in his final and I was third in mine. Of course, that is accurate but not the complete story, which is here.