My Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince movie review: meh.

If anyone really cares about spoilers anymore, there are some below.

As with most of the other movies in this series, I am convinced that if I weren’t familiar with the book I’d have had no freakin’ idea what was going on in the movie (I’m really not very good at movie-watching). Cinematography: nice but too dark. Acting: fine but then I’ve never really had a problem with it. Except that I thought Snape was quite wooden in this one and I still don’t really get the Snape-lust that is so endemic among my female acquaintance. I think the greasy-haired Snape of the books and the petty nastiness of both versions has pretty much turned me off him thoroughly. Too many petty and nasty people in the real world: why would I lust over a fictional one? Also, I believe this is the book in which HP famously declares himself “Dumbledore’s Man”; I see nothing in the humorless Dumbledore of the movies to inspire such loyalty.

The torching of the Burrow seemed pointless. I’m sorry that they omitted the quests for the Horcruxes, which would have added more action, and most of the memories that explain Voldemort. I also disliked the one battle scene they left in: chop, chop, disjointed chop instead of use of actual spells and curses to show how Harry and his friends are becoming more powerful. And I can’t imagine why they omitted a scene as visual as Dumbledore’s funeral. Even the music wasn’t as well done – I miss the snipets of Flitwick’s choir.

And why didn’t any of the students wear robes?

I did like this new stronger Ginny, though I still think she should be prettier now. The Lavender / Won-Won relationship was as painfully funny as in the book. As in Book 6, it’s a relief to see Harry getting past the shouty anger of Book 5. We saw it in IMAX, and the beginning in 3D was pretty spectacular.

But mostly … meh.