The hazard of wearing an especially flippy skirt is the random urges to do twirls and tour jetes. Unfortunately, I must report that though there is just room to do one when no one else is in our office pantry, my tour jete is not what it once was. (I can still do it, just not well. Of course when I stopped to think about my how long it’s been since I learned it, I realized that I learned in high school, and not only could I have a high schooler of my own, I could have had a child *after* I graduated college who would now be graduating college herself this year, without presupposing any childhood prodigy. It’s been a while.)

Also, I really hate not having flex hours (officially, though my boss is pretty lenient). It bothers me that I feel guilty leaving “early”, when early means “just about 8 hours in contrast to several the 10-11 hours days I worked this week”.

However, vacation time begins ….. now.