1. Some pretty good turbulence on the flight here, though the worst of it didn’t last too long.

2. Only in America would someone serve a dish consisting of french fries topped by chili topped by cheese whiz topped by sour cream topped by bacon. Bacon and chili just seem redundant – tasty, though. (I complained at first about the cheese-whiz-type cheese as opposed to real melted cheese, but then I realized that could damage my cred as a girl who grew up in Philadelphia, home of cheese steak an cheese fries.)

3. More bacon for breakfast. I’ve been craving crunchy American bacon as opposed to the more strongly-flavored limper and fattier Euro type.

4. I think it we drove as far in Taiwan as we did today, we’d have gone off the edge.

5. Tempratures are wonderfully pleasant here, but I think they’re anomalously cool.

6. Ted seems to be enjoying understanding every channel on the TV.

7. We did the mall-shopping today. Gap seemed to have fewer and fewer cuts in the shorter length. Pfui.

8. I do like a lot of the changes in this country, like being about to pull into a roadside gas station in any rural area and find things like Tazo green tea and white cheddar popcorn.

9. But is every restaurant in the US a chain now? And has the average US butt size increased that much or do I just have Asia-conditioned eyes?

10. A look around here confirms that whichever Obama cabinet advisor it was who got in trouble for saying America is still very much segregated in its social life was dead right. This an affluent and well-integrated area, but people sitting at restaurant table or walking around together mostly seem to have been sorted by skin color.

11. We spent a good fifteen minutes in the car talking about how our last US rental car had satellite radio, and how nice that was. It was a good hour later, within the last hour of a six-hour drive, that I noticed the little Sirius button on the dash. At least I can blame jetlag.