It’s cleaning-people Sunday, so I got a whole bunch of beads organized, and came up with a few new things in the process. (Actually first before they got to the kitchen I made chili. Then after they were done with the erg room I practiced racing starts. Then I showered before they got to the master bath, then retreated into the craft room.)


Then after all that I went downtown to the DIY district (for do-it-yourself, aka crafts) where among other things I picked up some buttons that I hope work for this:


Closeup of the gull lace:

I also got some 3mm balls I hope are silver (the price makes me think so and it does have the character for silver on it – the Chinese_English dictionary on my iPod is very helpful! – but that could be “silver-colored”). And I bought some merino yarn of a brand I’ve never heard of, but it does say “100% merino” in English and Italian. At about $24US for 10 balls I figured it’s worth trying, but I *definitely* will be swatching this one! And washing the swatch.