The trip here was pretty good. Cathay Pacific is definitely nicer to fly on than KLM – more legroom, much better in-flight entertainment, and I think the food looked better but I didn’t eat much of it. Only problem is that because I don’t have any spcial fequent flyer status on this airline (or its affiliates) I could only take 20 kilos. Since it’s only a one-week trip and I don’t expect to do much shopping that wasn’t an issue.

The hotel put me up in the “executive wing”, which is slightly nicer, no huge difference. Some of the other rooms in this hotel are seriously in need of redoing (I think a planned renovation got put off in the economic downturn) so it is in much better shape. There is a room mockup in the lobby, for some reason, so maybe they’re finally going to do it. (It’s a nice hotel, just not as nice as it’s intended to be, and not too fancy for a Sofitel.)

After flying out at 7:30 PM< I arrived in Amsterdam at 6:30 AM (plus an 8-hour time difference!), took the train to Eindhoven, checked into the hotel, and went to work. I made it there, too, despite some closed roads. Worked all day, found my way back to the hotel (more road closures in this direction), erged 7 km, got some takeout stirfry, and fell asleep by about 9:30. I slept soundly til 4 AM, dozed after that, and finally decided to wake up and begin writing this around 6:45. Good thing I was briefed on the road closures by Ted; I asked at the hotel, and they checked with their local taxi dispatchers who said, "oh, no, all the roads are open going there." Wrong. Somehow this hotel is always clueless about nearby roadwork. Today may be rough; jet lag is often worst the second day, but this is my busiest day including a meeting with a few directors and a one-on-one with a VP right at the end of the day. He has a lot of say in my new role, too - maybe if I'm totally groggy I can use it as an excuse to end early. I'm also hoping I can sleep well tonight; that might be tricky because there's a church that chimes the hours right across from the hotel.