I have only 15km left on the Holiday Challenge – but I also have a headcold, with clogged sinuses and sometimes a drippy nose. So the plan is to stop every 3km or so to blow my nose, if needed. I have tissues and a trashcan staioned next to the erg, along with a granola bar in case I need more calories in the middle (this can be an issue when you do workouts well over an hour). I’m a little worried about the long piece: last weekend I did a half-marathon (21097m) on Saturday plus another 10 km on Sunday, but I felt like crap a lot of the rest of the weekend – probably the beginning of this cold, us some dehydration.

Back-up plan is to do 8km today and the remaining 7 tomorrow, but I don’t think it will be needed; I think my nose will clear up once I get going. We’ll see.