Don’t go see it if you’re already feeling dizzy. I almost walked out a bunch of times. (But I’d probably have fallen all over people on the way out.)

THey did that annoying cinematographic trick where the viewpoint is always moving, cutting and slicing and juking. Maybe it would have been better further back, but we were in row G (where A is closest to the screen) right in the middle.

Otherwise, meh. It wasn’t until about two hours in that it got engrossing enough to distract me from my dizziness. As Ted said, there’s just some heart lacking there. Downey wasn’t bad, but I liked Iron Man better. They did actually do a better job than Conan Doyle ever managed at establishing the Holmes / Watson friendship, though, and if the plot was invented from whole cloth, at least there were so many references to the stories that it was clear someone had read and remembered them. (And of *course* Homes would have done experiments on Watson’s bull pup! How could Conan Doyle never have mentioned that?)

The other benefit, as Ted rightly remarked, was that this does firmly tie my recent dizziness issues to eye focus. But I’m seeing my optometrist tomorrow anyway. If nothing else it gives me an excuse not to drive to work tomorrow! (I will work from home before and after I go see the doctor.)