No, not me, my passport and my knitting queue. I just got my passport back, because I sent it in to get new pages added. (This is my second passport; I’ve only had this one since late 2005. They’ve been busy years.) I’m bemused to note that the new pages have pictures of buffalo and steam trains and such, complete with various quotes about the country. Who picks those, anyway? They are sort of an odd selection, ranging from rabble-rousing (by 18th century standards, but inspirational still) to a description of railroads as the iron thread holding the nation together (I wonder to what degree that’s still true? Not for passengers, certainly, but it might be for freight.)

I am having sort of a knitting problem right now. What I am currently knitting is a Rogue sweater. I also have Laeticia socks in nice squishy-soft Malabrigo on the needles, and will probably use those instead of the sweater for car knitting next week when Ted goes back to work (and does the driving). What I want to be knitting now, however, is the sweater, and the socks, and a lap blanket (for which I’ve ordered the yarn!) and maybe a little Damson shawl. Also I should knit some blue and white socks because a very nice person gave me some Dutch hand-dyed yarn when I left the Netherlands, and if I get back there without having knitted it up I will feel ungrateful. (Though knitters know that yarn sitting in the stash to be fondled is also appreciated!) And I also want to make some new fingerless gloves, out of the leftover yarn from Ted’s hat. It’s cold at work and my old ones are looking a bit battered.

And I want to have all those things done, so I can snuggle into them while it’s cold here, and then I want to start some new things that won’t be pestering me to get them finished. Yeah, right.

I also want the sweater done so I can wash it and see if it will self-destruct (shrink a lot, grow a lot, pill, look generally yucky) because I am knitting it out of some merlot-colored merino – a mystery brand I found for cheap here and couldn’t find anywhere online. So far it’s holding up well and feels pleasantly substantial to knit with unlike at least one cheap yarn I used that was pilling as I knit it. Obviously the smart thing to do would have been to wash and abuse my swatch (I did make one), but I have 10 skeins of 120 meters each and the pattern calls for 1200m in the size I’m knitting. I didn’t want to isk not being able to unravel the swatch if I needed that yarn. I’ve had bad experiences with a couple of sweaters that grew enormously after they touched water, but one of those was silk-bamboo yarn and the other was optim-treated wool, which destroys its elasticity. As this is plain wool with no weird treatments, I figure it’s a little more trustworthy.

Why can’t I knit five projects at once and make progress on all of them? I need more knititng time, dammit. Also more hands.